34 years of promoting culture. 340 schools built in China.


Sandong Association

Established in 1981, Sandong Association has served its members in northern California for 34 years. The Association and its board members have provided scholarships to over 1,000 underprivileged students in China. To promote culture, Sandong Association has held the Confucius Memorial Ceremony for 34 years, educating younger generation about our roots and cultural heritage. The Association has members from places such as China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Korea, and plays a key role in uniting people with different cultural backgrounds.

Message from Chairman
This is an opportunity to discover talent and make a contribution to education.

Shin Shin Educational Foundation

Established in 1997, Shin Shin Educational Foundation aims to provide resources, long-term care, love, and services to primary schools in the remote and impoverished regions of China. In nearly 18 years, the Foundation has built 340 Shin Shin schools in 25 provinces in China, and has continuously helped these schools with facility improvements. In addition, the Foundation has sponsored educational initiatives to improve the quality of teaching in these schools. In 2013, the Foundation received approval from the Chinese government to set up a Representative Office in Beijing. Today, Shin Shin Educational Foundation is a major driving force in bridging the educational gaps in rural areas of China.

Message from President

It is a great program to showcase our Asian Americans’ talent and raise funds to reward talented young artists and encourage
them to grow.

Key Achievements

  • 34 years of promoting culture through the Confucius Memorial Ceremony
  • 340 schools built for 120,000 students in rural areas of China
  • 1, 450 teachers trained, 200,000 books donated
  • More than $10 million raised and invested in education
  • Hundreds of volunteers in U.S. and China
  • Representative Office in Beijing, one of less than 30 worldwide non-government offices approved


About Myriad Music School and Dance Academy

The Myriad Music School and Dance Academy has taught thousands of students in the Bay Area since 1997. Myriad provides classes and options that instill a love of music and dance while fostering a high level of skills-with the child's confidence and joy as the center focus. Myriad's team of more than 35 professionals hail from excellent programs worldwide; true pedagogues . . . teachers who take a profound interest in the art of teaching. Myriad offers music classes and lessons in piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, voice, violin, viola, flute, trumpet, French horn, string ensembles, chorus & glee ensembles, ukulele bands and more!

Message from Director

We teach music to inspire the youth.

Tianmu (Intelligent Views) Education Foundation

Tianmu Education Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides free educational information and mental health support to high school and middle school parents from Chinese communities across North America. Builds free platforms for parents to exchange information and support each other. Organizes events to promote a healthy learning environment for families and provides all kinds of support to families in need.

Message from President

This competition is a perfect opportunity for our young artists to have their talents exposed to an international community and be