Asian Youth Talent Competition Student Leaders Program

SF Asian Youth Talent Competition Student Leaders Program

Recruiting Student Leaders: for 5 hours a week, you can make an impact!

What Have Our Organizers Done

– 30+ years- promoted Asian culture
– 340 schools – built in rural China
– 120,000 students – supported
– 1450 teachers – trained
– $10+ million – raised for education
– 2 major national music center partnership formed: American Fine Arts Festival and Brevard Music Center

What You Get

– Receive community service credit hours certificate
– Recommendation Letter from Competition Committee
– Develop leadership, communication, and organizational skills
– Opportunity to participate in a two-week summer student camp in China (for Chinese students)
– Interaction with judge panel
– Exposure to professional business development, fundraising, marketing, & media
– Mentorship from professionals

What to Do

– Spread the news to bay area schools, students and parents
– Contact various Asian youth clubs and organizations
– Promote competition through social media channels
– Produce social media marketing material
– Distribute information and post flyers across Bay Area
– Create student alliance across schools
– Fundraise for the competition at available venues

What You Are Helping

– Bring Asian communities together
– Help discover and develop talents
– Build the most professional talent competition in Bay Area
– Build more schools in China and support underprivileged students
– Create Asian Youth Scholarship with raised funds

Covered areas: North Bay, San Francisco, Peninsula, South Bay, East Bay, Central Valley

For more information, follow:

Student Leaders Program Brochure

If interested, please email your introduction with contact info to:

Program duration: Jan 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016

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