Steve Ting Interview, after $10 million and 342 schools built…

Shin Shin Educational Foundation is the co-organizer of SF Asian Youth Talent Competition. Since 1997, it’s team has raised more than $10 million and built 342 schools in China, bridging the educational gaps between rural and metropolitan areas of China.

Steve Ting, Vice Chairman of Shin Shin Educational Foundation, served two terms of president of the foundation. In this interview, Steve shared with us Shin Shin Educational Foundation’s mission, how the team achieved these results, his personal accounts of education reality in rural areas of China. For example, he compared the $100 million dollar renovation budget for 25 schools in the USA (Cupertino), how some students in China don’t even have hot water and have to chew the dry instant noodle for lunch, and how the school principle works as a headmaster during the day and farmer other time.

Confucius said “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace”. Steve pointed out that solving China’s educational problem is actually solving a world issue.

How inspiring it is to hear Steve declares his next ten-year’s pledge for Shin Shin’s mission! And he said it all by saying:


“If we give the children just a little bit of kindness and love, and we are gonna make their lives so much better; If we give them a little bit of opportunity, and they can create better future, and the next generation will be better than this one, one after that will be better than that one”.

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