Steve Ting Interview, after $10 million and 342 schools built…

Shin Shin Educational Foundation is the co-organizer of SF Asian Youth Talent Competition. Since 1997, it's team has raised more than $10 million and built 342 schools in China, bridging the educational gaps between rural and metropolitan areas of China. Steve Ting, Vice Chairman of Shin Shin Educational Foundation, served two terms of president of the foundation.

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Judge Daniel Stewart Interview: Music is a passport

Daniel Stewart Santa Cruz Symphony Music Director, Conductor Composer, Musician. Among the beautiful plants of the Japanese Tea Garden and with the light rain falling around us, we interviewed Daniel Stewart, one of the competition’s main judges. This year, Mr. Stewart completed his first season as the Santa Cruz Symphony’s music director and has just signed an a.

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Asian Youth Talent Competition Student Leaders Program

SF Asian Youth Talent Competition Student Leaders Program Recruiting Student Leaders: for 5 hours a week, you can make an impact! What Have Our Organizers Done - 30+ years- promoted Asian culture - 340 schools - built in rural China - 120,000 students - supported - 1450 teachers - trained - $10+ million - raised for education - 2 major national music center partn.

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Interview with Sandra Shen & AFAF Carnegie Hall program

SF Asian Youth Talent Competition interviews judge Sandra Wright Shen.  Find out what she thinks about the American Fine Arts Festival (AFAF) Carnegie Hall performance opportunity. On Friday, December 4th, we sat down with judge Sandra Wright Shen to ask her a few questions about herself and the upcoming Asian Youth Talent Competition. Sandra Shen is a concert pi.

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Sandra Shen joins the competition as lead judge

Internationally renowned concert pianist Sandra Wright Shen joins Asian Youth Talent Competition..

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